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5,676 part numbers: Replacement brake parts for no longer manufactured brakes, custom and standard brake wheels, cast from the finest ASTM and ASME specified 80-60-03 Ductile Iron to provide maximum service and a high coefficient of friction

4,280 part numbers: Sensor Technology, Linear & Rotary Distance Transducers, Programmable Limit switches, Rotary Limit Switches, Industrial Brakes, Foot & Palm Switches, Level Measurement
5,169 part numbers: Cable & Hose Management Systems, Cable Reel, Hose Reels, PowerTrak/Drag Chains, Workstations, Jibs/Booms, Tool Balancers
3,194 part numbers: Cable & Hose Management Products, Cable Reels, Festoon Systems, Tool Balancers
928 part numbers: Power Limit Switches, Magnet Control, DC Contactors, Relays, Overloads, Master Switches, Crane Brakes

14,986 part numbers: Power Limit Switches, AC & DC Devices, Disconnect Switches, Master Switches, Drum Controllers
94 part numbers: Fastening products, mill motor nuts
1,931 part numbers: Radio remote control for mobile equipment, belly box & pendant style transmitters, LaserGuard anti-collision systems for overhead cranes
185 part numbers: Power transmission products, geared couplings, pin & bushing couplings, spiderflex coupling, chainflex couplings, gear spindles, universal joints
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All products are covered by a $1,000,000 liability insurance
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Replacement Parts
What is a multi-jackbolt tensioner?

1. A hardened washer protects your equipment and provides a hardened, flat surface for the jackbolts to "push" against.
2. The nut body spins on your existing bolt or stud and seats against the washer hand tight (Superbolt® nut bodies are typically round).
3. The Jackbolts thread through the nut body and are used to tighten the joint in pure tension, using ordinary hand tools.
A "Superbolt" or "multi-jackbolt tensioner (MJT)" is a direct replacement for hex nuts, covered nuts, bolts, etc. They spin onto your existing bolt or stud and provide a better way to bolt up your joint. They consist of three components, shown to the left.
If you are tightening a nut greater than 1" in diameter, you may find Superbolts useful, since the torque you need to tighten conventional nuts and bolts exponentially increases as the size increases. Our products solve this problem and only require hand/air tools to install or remove any size MJT. They eliminate the need for time consuming and unsafe bolting equipment such as sledgehammers, hydraulic wrenches and stud heaters.
Multi-jackbolt tensioners come in a variety of sizes and configurations. We have many stock items that are available for immediate shipment, and we are able to handle custom jobs quickly. If you are experiencing bolting problems such as leakage, thread galling, unsafe working conditions or are using expensive methods and find it difficult to properly bolt your joint, Superbolt bolting technologies are the solution for you.
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Nut-style tensioners

Nut-style tensioners
Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs) replace existing hex nuts. Only hand tools are required for installation and removal of any size tensioner. Safe, accurate and economical! We have a wide range of standard series, as well as an unlimited capacity to create special designs to meet your unique needs.
Bolt-style tensioners

Bolt-style tensioners
Bolt style Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs) replace existing studs or bolts. Ideal for applications with tapped holes, or where threading a stud into a nut would be impractical. The outside diameter is smaller than a nut type tensioner on a stud, allowing MJTs to fit into tighter areas.

Flexnuts are used in combination with Superbolt tensioners and are designed to flex out at the bottom and flex in toward the top of the nut. This distributes the bolt load along many threads, adds elasticity, and prevents stress concentrations in the first few threads.
SMX Mill Motor Nuts

SMX Mill Motor Nuts
SMX Mill Motor Nuts are used to replace standard mill motor armature nuts supplied by electric motor manufacturers. SMX tensioners are available for most standard motor frame sizes. Preload matches the hub stress capacity of brake wheels and pulleys.
Installation, Removal and Safety Information
Part Numbers Documents
JL-M 15ML Pak, Lube JL-M JL-M MSDS
H650-275-8/W, H650T-275-8/W, JB-70102, MT-075-*/W, MT-087-*/W,
MT-100-14/W, MT-100-6/W, MT-100-8/W, MT-112-*/W, MT-125-12/W,
MT-125-7/W, MT-137-*/W, MT-137-6/W, MT-150-12/W, MT-162-*/W,
MT-175/W, MT-187-*/W, MT-200-12/W, MT-225-*/W, MT-225-8/W,
MT-250-*/W, MT-275-*/W, MT-300-6/W, MT-300-8/W, MT-325-*/W,
MT-350-4/W, MT-375-8, MT-400-*/W, MT-425-*/W, MT-450-*/W,
MT-48, MT-500-12/W, MTA-150-6/W, MTA-200-8/W, MTA-300-8/W,
MTA-400-8/W, MT-M20-2.5/W, MT-M72-6/W, MT-M80-6/W,
SB8-100-14-0400, SJ-200-4.5/W, SJX-200-12/W
Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJT) standard range brochure
SMX-0006-00, SMX-100-12/W, SMX-125-12/W, SMX-175-8/W,
SMX-200-12/W, SMX-802/W, SMX-803/W, SMX-804/W, SMX-806/W,
SMX-808/W, SMX-810/W, SMX-812/W, SMX-814/W, SMX-816/W,
SMX-818/W, SMX-820/W, SMX-822/W, SMX-824/W, SMX-M27/W,
SMX-M33/W, SMX-M40/W, SMX-M42/W, SMX-M45/W, SMX-M48/W,
SMX-M55/W, SMX-M64/W, SMX-M65/W, SMX-M70/W, SMX-M72/W,
SMX-M90-2/W, SMX-M90-4/W, W-02189, W-02192, W-02194
Superbolt SMX Mill Motor Nuts Information
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